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Coconut Water | Zaful

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Oval Brushes ft Cat | My Makeup Brush Set

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Hi everybody! Today I present you My Makeup Brush Set Oval Brushes. Feat my cat.
At first their unusual shape makes you feel suspicious.
But then you try them out and you realise it's extremely handy and even more comfortable than the usual shapes.
Which makes it super easy and faster to put on your makeup.
So you can sleep for a little bit longer in the morning.
It's so fluffy even the cat loves it.
And because of its fluffiness can easily be confused as a cat little fluffy paw.
You can get them at My Makeup Brush Set.
And that's all folks!

Sea Salt | ZAFUL

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Flower Print Halter One-Piece Swimwear

WARNING: I found my favourite wholesale company ever. If you don't know ZAFUL yet, well, it's where the cutest pieces of clothing live. No, I'm not done yet. The price range is also amazing and you totally need to check it out. Also, make sure you stay tunned because there will be a lot more posts about Zaful. Meanwhile, I'm loving my new mermaidy swimwear and you can keep up with the trends on ZAFUL Blog, maybe you'll see me around sometime.