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Đang hiển thị bài đăng từ tháng hai, 2014

Second Hand Little Shop

Hình ảnh
Second hand shops are my newest investment. There are always those adorable cute little pieces at a very good price. And this is exactly the situation. If you don't know, you've probably heard of Contemporary Lives Here before. This blogger, Maria, has recently created the SHOP Contemporary Lives Here store to give what she doesn't wear anymore a new life. Please go check it out, it has lovely things at an incredible price. And this is the story of these two amazing rings I just got. The claw ring was 1,50€ and the other one 1€. Awesome, huh?
PS: It's already February and it's my first post of the year, how terrible, Inês! And I'm terribly sorry for not being able to finish the blogmas thing but got a terrible cold and let's stop using the terrible word because it's getting annoying now. Hope you didn't miss me that bad!
xx, Inês.